What we do

We create. We develop. We train.

We deliver comprehensive business solutions that create a full picture of corporate performance and improve decision making.

We love sharing our passion for data analytics and helping individuals improve their skills beyond expectations, getting often promoted and, in turn, help their organization thrive. It makes us very proud to be a part of their sucess story.

We strive to develop deep relationships with our customers, so we can help prioritize focus around the concerns of top management and deliver results.

We are SWELL - Training and Development, Lda, a specialized team of business intelligence and analytics experts. We are based in Porto, Portugal.

Our services include training (public and in-house) and the development of solutions for business analytics and process automation. We use Microsoft Power BI, Power Automate and PoweApps technologies.

Our Services

Work. Grow. Prosper. We will help you!

We are specialized team of business modelling, reporting, analytics and trainers experts. We don't just train people. We also create sollutions for our clients. We can help you and your company get new and powerful insights from your own data with Power BI, fast. We also develop apps for our clients, tailored-made for their specific business needs.


Life is too short to be spent in the wrong job.

Who we are

We build management tools!

Our Customers