TQM - Total Quality Management


Total Quality Management has as its premise the fact that the success of an organization comes from the level of quality that it offers to their customer, integrating production and all the processes that support quality procedures. In today’s article, we will look to what Total Quality Management is and how it relates with continuous improvement management. 

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KAIZEN and continuous improvement

kaizen englishIn this week’s article, we are going to address KAIZEN, a Japanese philosophy aimed at continuous improvement in all dimensions of people’s lives, whether family, social, personal or professional. “Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today”.

Applied to the business world, the KAIZEN methodology of continuous improvement argues that no day should be spent in the company without any kind of improvement being made, either in the organizational structure or in worker’s life. This why KAIZEN has gained global notoriety for being a management system that generates excellent results, allowing companies to reduce costs and increase the productivity of their employees, thereby increasing their profitability.

KAIZEN means improvement. It also means continuous improvement in personal life, domestic life, social life and working live. When applied to the workplace, KAIZEN means continuous improvement involving everyone” (Masaaki Imai – father of KAIZEN methodology).

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KANBAN – Simple and Practical

Kanban 3

KANBAN is a Japanese word and it means card or signage. When applied in management, the concept is Signaling Card. It is also known as Visual Management. In today’s article, we will see how it came about and how this simple and practical methodology is used.

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How to Connect and Sync a PowerApp to a Database


One of the advantages of PowerApps is its multiple predefined connectors, which allows you to fetch your business data wherever they are. In a matter or minutes, and without great technical knowledge, it is possible to connect PowerApps to a database, and keep your apps always in sync. Wherever you are, and fully automated.

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Lean – Find Out What It Is and How To Apply It


Lean methodology is something that everybody talks about. Managers have a specific interest in it and its implementation. Using Lean Methodology is an Agile exercise, and this article follows the ones I’ve been writing about the topic. So, let’s see what Lean Methodology is.

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